If you like www.less-stuff.co.uk, or have enjoyed time in the less-stuff Facebook group. have found it useful and want to say thanks there are lots of different ways to do that.

Free ways to say thanks

There is no advertising budget for less-stuff. Actually there is no budget and almost all the work I do on the site is unpaid. You can help out for free by simply sharing the website. More visitors and more hits per day make it easier for me to get site sponsors.

You can also:

Follow less-stuff on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Like a video on YouTube and subscribe to my channel.

Sign up for the less-stuff newsletter so I have a captive audience 🙂

Visit the site sponsors

Without the site sponsors there would be no site. Please visit them and spend all your money with them. If you are using an adblocker please consider disabling it for 5 minutes so you can see who helps the site.

Leave a review

Let other people know what you like. If you have read any of my books please take some time to leave a little review on Amazon or on the review section on each product in the shop.

Say thanks with the price of a cup of coffee

I am very grateful for any amount of money coming in. Even the smallest of donations makes a difference.

I have Patreon set up for regular subscriptions in $ or you can do one time donations by clicking the button below. Please note that my PayPal account is with my day job at www.nakedwebsite.co.uk so the PayPal address is info@nakedwebsite.co.uk. This is perfectly legit, don’t worry. I’m a website designer not a stripper!
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Buy through Amazon

I know they are the evil A but everytime you click through on one of the product links on less-stuff, even if you buy something else, I get a tiny commission. So if you are going to use Amazon anyway, please do it through one of my links.

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Buy a book

I’ve got loads of different PDF books on this site and a growing library of books in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon. Book sales pay the hosting fees for the site.

If you have any comments please use this form to contact me.

Thanks for being interested!

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