Countdown to Cosy – Get rid of uncomfy things

Bad pants days

Starting off with a bad pant day can set me off very badly. You know what I mean by ‘bad pants day’? It’s when your knickers don’t fit right. There is always one pair that sneak in with the others in the drawer and it makes me unhappy and uncomfy when I pick them out to wear.

Today is a good day to actually get rid of things that don’t fit properly.

You don’t need to pull everything out at once, all you need to do is put your hand into a drawer or cupboard and find something that is too tight, too loose, to long or too short. If you can alter it and you intend to do it NOW then keep it, if not, give it a chance of a happy fulfilling life with someone who will wear it without swearing at it.

Getting rid of things that don’t fit

I’ve a more detailed blog post about this gentle decluttering prompt here

declutter things that don't fit

The Winning at Winter Workbook has a whole section called ‘Throw it Thursday’. This workbook is designed so that you can choose activities for each day of the week and each day has a topic. ‘Throw it Thursday’ gives you some really good advice for gently decluttering things you no longer need.

You can find Winning at Winter on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format or from less-stuff as a printable PDF.

Journal it

The free decluttering calendar you get for being on the less-stuff mailing list has a big sister! This journal has a prompt a day and loads of space for doodles, lists and writing.

Join in with the conversation in the less-stuff Facebook group to share your ideas. I’d love to hear how this works for you.

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