Countdown to Cosy – Rewarding Weekends

You are never too old for rewards. In the less-stuff Facebook group we even have stickers that are rewarded by Amazing Anna to members who share little decluttering and eco-friendly triumphs .

As the days get colder and the nights longer it is nice to plan something for yourself.

If you need some ideas for clutter free rewards I’ve written more about the idea here.

Or you could choose something from this list

  • Take time for yourself to do nothing
  • Phone or Skype a friend
  • Take a flask of coffee out and meet someone
  • Have a long bath
  • Read a book
  • Take a nap
  • Watch a film
  • Listen to music
  • Go to a free museum or art gallery (avoid the gift shop!)
  • Find some wildlife to watch
  • Take your imagination on a cloud journey and build castles with it
  • Learn something new and random: YouTube is good for instructional videos
  • Take time to doodle for no reason
  • Use up something you have been saving for a special occasion
  • Wear something you feel great in for no reason

If you have seen the inside of Winning at Winter you will know that it has loads of different worksheets. This reward planner is one of them and you can print it off by clicking here or on the picture.


You can find Winning at Winter on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format or from less-stuff as a printable PDF.

Join in with the conversation in the less-stuff Facebook group to share your ideas. I’d love to hear how this works for you.

Countdown to Cosy is a collaboration with The Frugal Family – check out what they are up to on their website