Countdown to Cosy – Read it or ditch it

Have you got a stack of things to ‘read later’?

It could be anything from recipes to current affairs and if you are anything like me you might have a collection that goes back some years!

Are there any that you could read right now?

Make a cup of tea, get comfy and do some reading. You might find you have been holding onto something totally useless. In that case read this post about decluttering books and magazines. There is no encouragement to get rid of books that are old friends, the instructions will help you get rid of junk you don’t need though.

declutter books and magazines

Countdown to cosy is a collaboration with The Frugal Family – check out what they are up to on their website

And for more of this kind of thing check out the Eco-Friendly Autumn book.

Eco-Autumn Front Cover