Zero Waste Week Day 2

Zero Waste Week 17 Day 2 – Not so #TrashfreeTuesday

Zero Waste Week Day 2

I started off Tuesday thinking that trashfree wouldn’t be too difficult. I had no plans to leave the house other than to get some bread. Our local bakery uses brown paper bags as packaging, no danger there……

What I didn’t plan for is the incidental waste that happens through the day. Cat food pouches, empty bags from spinach and pasta.

The list for landfill

  • Cellophane from box of mushrooms
  • Pasta packet
  • Spinach packet
  • Cat food pouch
  • Teabag packaging – this might be compostable, I’ll give it a go

Offsetting landfill

The idea behind offsetting landfill rubbish is to try to do something good to counteract the bad. So my good thing today was saving some stale bread from the compost by turning it into croutons. I also found a useful bit of wood on the way home from the bakers.

Zero Waste Week Day 2 conclusion

I’m surprised at the amount of non recyclable stuff I produce in a day!