herby oven croutons recipe

Herby Oven Croutons Recipe to use up Stale Bread

herby oven croutons recipeThis recipe uses up any sort of savoury stale bread and makes leftover soup into something special.


  • Stale bread.
  • Any of the following: garlic, herbs, salt, pepper, parmesan and/or lemon zest if you like. Big flakes of Malden salt work well on croutons.
  • Olive oil or refined coconut oil.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Pour about half a tablespoon of lighter olive oil onto a heavy baking tray. I prefer to use the pale olive oil for croutons but normal extra virgin will work too. You don’t need the best for this. Coconut oil works well too as long as it is refined, otherwise, your croutons will taste of coconut. You can use bacon oil if you like it too.

Chop the bread into cubes. I like mine quite big, about 1.5cm wide. You can use the crusts but I prefer to keep them to whizz up into breadcrumbs.

Chop up everything else you are adding – this batch had garlic and herbs.

Put the bread on the baking tray and shake gently to coat with oil. Don’t worry if you miss bits.

Sprinkle over the herbs etc.

herby oven croutons


Bake for 15 minutes turning every 5 minutes. You may think you need to add a little oil but you probably won’t, just keep moving them around.

The cooked croutons should be golden around the edges when done. If you have roughly chopped the garlic and herbs there will be large bits to add to the mix too. They taste delicious, no need to discard!

Store in an airtight container for a week, or you can freeze them and defrost in the oven to crisp them up.

nom nom nom.

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