In order to have less stuff we need to learn how to control our clutter.

This website will help you to learn techniques and habits so you will be able to instantly judge your belongings and ditch ones that are not right for you.

Is this about minimalism?

No, not at all, this is about keeping stuff you love and ditching stuff that isn’t doing you any favours.

Is it really stressful?

No, this is an easy method of taking away small items of clutter at a time. Once you start you will have already have a holding place for your clutter and you will have found somewhere for it to go at the end of the week. It’s just a matter of remembering to spend 5 minutes a day searching out things you don’t need.

What do I need to do? You will need to commit to 5 minutes a day for 5 days.

Why 5 days?

Because most people can manage to do something for 5 days in a row. Even if you just did this for one day a week you would still get rid of over 250 things in a year.

Can I do more? If you want to declutter more than 5 things a day that is great, but don’t get carried away because it can be overwhelming to take out the entire contents of a cupboard and go through it. Decluttering 5 things a day is a nice, easy, gentle way to regain control over your home.

What happens if decluttering brings up strong emotions? Sometimes things we have around us can hold strong memories. If something you would like to de-clutter holds a memory that you’re not ready to process yet, that’s fine. It’s perfectly ok to leave it until you have the support you need to do so.

What have people said about 5 Days of  Decluttering?

“Phew! I feel better now, thanks. This is the great thing about doing this as a group Love it!” “The course provided a painless way in to clearing away the clutter. Having the group there helped sort out some of my shame and embarrassment. It was great to know I’m not the only one! I feel I’ve now got some handy tools that I can keep using too. Linda”

“Normally I don’t declutter because I know I will feel like I’m drowning. Not even did I not drown on this course, I actually enjoyed it and had fun. “

“The Facebook group was both inspiring and a big support.”

“The prompts are so practical it’s easy to turn them into a habit – and I’m very non habitual around decluttering!”

“Lisa Cole is helpful and encouraging! Loved donating my bag of “stuff”. And that did not include what I threw out or recycled.” Erica

“It’s been brilliant – so simple, but just the kick up the ass I needed” Debbie

“I am finding this 5 things in 5 minutes approach brilliant because I can now make better decisions about things before I let them become clutter just by asking the questions on the printable worksheets. Every time I go to a cupboard or drawer now I’m looking at my stuff in a new way and making decisions instantly instead of waiting to have the energy or motivation to clear out the entire cupboard in one go. Decluttering is now a thing I do every single day in some small way, you’ve taken away that mammoth task monsta completely. Mwaaaah’s xxxxxxx Clare”

What does it cost?

Nothing, nada, zilch, nil.