wyattandjack tote bags

The happiest tote bags are made from bouncy castles

wyattandjack tote bagsWhen I was little, my favourite stories were about objects that had a life of their own. The idea that our possessions are infused with their own history is one that still enchants me. My home is full of stuff that has a story, whether it be one I know or one I’ve invented.

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Happy days on the beach

If you haven’t been on a bouncy castle you will have at least seen kids on them. A bouncy castle is a thing of joy, an excuse to hurl yourself around with total abandon knowing you are going to land safely. If a bouncy castle could tell the story of it’s life it would be one of laughter, giggling and loads of kids having lots of fun.

Although PVC is recyclable it is a waste to grind up large quantities of usable fabric. This is where wyattandjack. come in.

They are a little company based on the Isle of Wight who use retired deckchair canvas and bouncy castle PVC to make beautiful bags. Each bag has provenance and a story deep in the atoms that form it.


Carry happy thoughts with you

I love the idea that the things I own have a story to tell. What better story than one of laughter, energy and joy. This week wyattandjack sent me a lovely random act of zero waste kindness, sustainably wrapped in tissue paper and a nice strong reusable envelope. It is a gorgeous blue tote bag made from an old bouncy castle and it is built to last. To make it even happier, wyattandjack give a proportion of each bouncy castle tote sale to Mossy Earth who plant trees with it.

This is my happy blue bag

I was a bouncy castle

Because life is too short to be sad, because happy memories are there to be cherished and because on a foul winters day I need to be reminded that summer days are not far away. And because random acts of zero waste kindness always make me happy.

And because it doubles as a record bag!

wyattandjackr record bag

The test of a good bag is that a record fits in it!

You can find the happy bag makers at


on Twitter at @wyattandjack

and through #wearemadebythesea



Disclosure. wyattandjack sent me the tote bag as a gift with no expectation that I should review it or mention it. I am not affiliated to them in any way. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and I get a small commission if you purchase anything through them.