A week on WW2 rations

In a nutshell – When my son was 8 we spent a week on World War 2 rations. This short series of posts is about how we coped.

In primary school my son did a project about World War 2. I thought it would be fun, or at least interesting if we tried living on World War 2 rations for a week. I diaried it 6 years ago and I’m reposting it all now because it is still interesting. My son does not want to repeat the project!

Our World War 2 rations for a week

We have (between us)

Butter 100g

Marj 200g

Sugar 450g

Milk 4l

Smoked Salmon (instead of bacon) 200g

Cheese 100g

2 eggs

Tea 100g

Jam 100g

Sweets 120g

T is a bit disgruntled that there will be no pasta. We are hoping for some black market goodies.

This is our Morrison shelter, underneath the table, in case the siren goes off – I downloaded a siren noise on my phone and ran it through the speakers at random intervals!


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