Countdown to Cosy – 8 things you can mend quickly

Things you can fix quickly

  1. Squeaky floor or bed – try baby powder or cornflour in the gaps
  2. Fridge running warm – vacuum the back of it and move it away from the wall a bit more.
  3. Scratched CD’s or DVD’s – try a little hair gel rubbed into the scratches. Wash off with water and dry well before playing.
  4. Seal up draughts – big cracks in walls around windows can be filled with newspaper. Scrunch up small bits and force into the space with a screwdriver. You can use filler to make the mend neater afterwards.
  5. Descale the kettle – squeeze a lemon into a half full kettle and boil. Rinse a couple of times before using for anything other than herbal tea.
  6. Sticky zip – rub a pencil along the teeth of the zip then move the zip head back and forth to loosen.
  7. Sticky drawer – rub a candle on any areas that stick.
  8. Scuffed lino – rub with white toothpaste and a clean cloth.

This is an excerpt from Winning at Winter which you can get on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format or from less-stuff as a printable PDF.

The book also includes this handy worksheet and you can print it off for free by clicking here to download it.




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