Frugal Family Take Over 1 – 6 Things You Can Do To Save The World

Claire Who?

Hello! I’m Claire and I run The Frugal Family, the aim is to help families to save money, but at the same time save the world – you can see that Lisa and I would have lots in common… We have worked together over the last 18 months on lots of really exciting projects that I am very proud of; you may have bought a seasonal book, or come on one of our Low Waste Living courses? I love to write and Lisa loves to make things beautiful and we both seem to work best with tight deadlines and too much to do! I have found a kindred work spirit.

During all our work, I kept moaning about needing to change my own website but the stress of doing it all myself (this isn’t my special talent) was too much. Lisa offered a skill share, so she has made my website much more ‘me’ and beautiful (feel free to take a look) and I am going to take over this website for November and share some of my ideas with you all.

My background before The Frugal Family was in mental health, wellbeing and recovery where I lectured to health professionals and ran courses for service users, families and carers for fifteen excellent years.

We asked in the friendly Facebook Group what sort of posts you might find interesting, and a range of topics came up that might be useful over the next few weeks – so this is my plan. Brace Yourselves:

  • Money and Mental Health – How taking control of your budget can help you feel happy.
  • Clutter and Mental Wellbeing – How our environment impacts our mood.
  • Practical Self Care – How to be kind to yourself for free.
  • 5 Ways to Grow – Ideas for when we feel ready to change.

I’m leaving the opportunity for one more ‘idea’ – so if there is something you are interested in that you feel I could help with drop a message to myself (or Lisa), or make use of our various FB Groups. The one we run together is Low Waste Living x

If you’re feeling inspired and ready for immediate action, here are 6 things you can do TODAY to save money and save the World… this is a free download, with many more in our Spend Less, Use Less, Do More FB group and you can get even more ways to start more Frugal Living in our free e-book over on the website. Lots to keep you busy x

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