vegetables on a market stall

Sourcing Your Food in a Sustainable Way: Guest Post from Green & Growing

vegetables on a market stall

Sustainable agriculture is important because utilizing farming techniques that help protect our environment as well as community, animals and the public is what will help keep our current system going and ensure that farming is a lucrative career. It is also important that we care for the earth and live a lifestyle that helps maintain this sustainability. Finding ways to source your food in a sustainable way can be easier depending on where you live. If you live closer to farming areas then you have a source for your food nearby. If you live in a more metropolitan area, then you may need to find more creative ways to source your food in a sustainable manner. Let’s take a look at a variety of ways that you source your food:

Farm Your Own Food

This doesn’t mean you have to own farm land to grow acres and acres of crops but you can use a small space in your yard to grow a number of things. You can grow vegetables very simply such as tomatoes, peppers, squash and beans. A small herb garden is very beneficial when it comes to saving money on expensive spices from the store and it will help you better utilize what you have grown. You can also plant some fruit bearing trees in your yard. Starting small with apples can help you learn how to care for these plants and then you can work your way up to other varieties. Something as simple as a berry bush can take off and grow across your fencing in just a couple of years; producing a ton of fruit.

Learn Ways To Store Your Food

Once you have figured out how to garden and grow your own produce in your yard, you can find ways to store your food so you will have these items throughout the year and you won’t waste anything that has grown. You can learn the process of canning to store your items without the need for refrigeration. You can chop and freeze a number of produce items as well while other things will require blanching in order to keep them usable. Not only can you save money this way but you can also enjoy homegrown produce year round.

Purchase From Farmers Directly

Some of your local grocery store may carry homegrown items when they are in season and they may be sourced locally. You can help your local farmers even more by purchasing from them directly either from their farm or from a local farmer’s market. You may even be able to get a deal on some items that are over ripe or need to be used immediately and you can store them when you bring them home. Many farmers in your area may even sell things like whole chickens or cow meat that you can bring home and freeze.

Learn To Read Labels

When you shop at the supermarket learn to get in the habit of reading labels so you can recognize items that were not ethically grown or produced and you can stay away from them. There are a number of great resources on the internet that can help you learn what you are looking for on a label and educate you on what brands you may want to stay away from.

Of course, if you have the ability to shop locally in your area this is a great way to support local, small businesses and you will also shop in a sustainable way. Other techniques like foraging might not be the most practical thing to add into your lifestyle but there are plenty of ways that you can better source your food.


Kylie is the editor at Green & Growing.

Kylie is the editor at Green & Growing. She enjoy the outdoors, especially when she can go on a fun hike or adventure. She likes to focus on the perks green living. She feels it is so important to take care of our earth and hope to spread more awareness as she edits and writes.