Upcycling Projects For Old Window Blinds

Image by Jan Mateboer from Pixabay

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Before throwing out your home’s old blinds and replacing them with new blinds, you should look at ways you can repurpose and upcycle the materials in your old blinds.

By repurposing different parts and materials of your window blinds, you save them from ending up in an ever-expanding landfill and create something at home that you would otherwise have to buy brand new.

So, what can you create with your old window blinds? Read on to find out.

Restore Your Tired Old Blinds With Replacement Slats

If you have an old set of blinds like vertical blinds, and you’re considering replacing them, did you know that you can simply just replace the blind’s fabric rather than buying a whole new blind?

Many retailers like DotcomBlinds can supply replacement blinds slats, allowing you to just remove your old slats and attach new slats in their place, which will help avoid sending your blinds headrail off to a landfill and you can use the old fabric in the next project!

Create A Headboard Cover For Your Bed With Old Vertical Blind Slats

If you’ve swapped your old vertical blind slats out for a new set, you can avoid binning your old slats by using them to make a funky headboard cover for your bed.

By simply weaving the slats over your bed’s headboard and stapling them into place, you can create a stunning DIY headboard cover with a unique handmade look with bundles of charm!

Reclaim Wooden Slats From Venetians To Make Trellis

If you have an old set of wooden blinds that aren’t in the best of shape anymore, you can avoid binning them entirely by reclaiming the wooden slats used to make up the blind.

By simply removing the slats from the strings holding them together will give you a lot of usable wood for DIY projects, like creating trellis for your garden, which can be made by simply gluing the wooden slats together in a lattice pattern and then by securing it on a wall in your garden.

Use Old Curtain Fabric To Make Throw Cushions

When you replace an old set of curtains, don’t throw away the fabric! As fabric used for curtains in generally good quality it is a great material to use in DIY textiles projects at home.

One easy project to undertake would be to transform your curtain’s fabric into throw pillows. By simply cutting square shapes out of the fabric and sewing them together, you can make a stylish throw pillow for your home, only needing to purchase a zip to close the pillow and some stuffing to put inside.

Create A ‘Star-Burst’ Mirror With Old Metal Blind Slats

Rather than condemn your old metal blinds to a landfill, you can reclaim the thin metal slats from the blind, by removing them from the strings holding the blind together. Once they’re off, you can use the slats for a wide range of things.

One simple project to do with these metal slats is to create a ‘star-burst’ mirror. To do this you’ll need a circle shaped mirror, just cut down the slats into smaller pieces and attach them around the edge of the mirror to create a stunning ‘star-burst’ look.