Countdown to Cosy – Get your vitamins

It might be miserable and grey outside but that is no reason to eat miserable and grey food. If you choose colourful fruit and veg it’s an easy way to make sure you are getting a good range of vitamins.

Here is a rainbow of ideas:


  • Red cabbage – vitamin C
  • Cranberries – vitamin C
  • Tomatoes – vitamin C
  • Red pepper – Vitamin A and C
  • Cherries – vitamin C


  • Carrots – Vitamin A
  • Pumpkin – Vitamin A
  • Sweet potatoes – Vitamin A
  • Oranges – Vitamin C
  • Grapefruit – Vitamin C


  • Lemons – Vitamin A
  • Bananas – Vitamin C
  • Sweetcorn – Vitamin C and B


  • Dark green leafy veg – Vitamin A, E and C
  • Broccoli and Brussels sprouts – Vitamin K
  • Asparagus – Vitamin K
  • Kiwi fruit – Vitamin C
  • Cucumber – Vitamin C


  • Blueberries- Vitamin C and K
  • Blackberries – Vitamin C and K


  • Elderberries – Vitamin C and B6
  • Beetroot – Vitamins B and C
  • Grapes – Vitamin C
  • Blackcurrants – Vitamin C
  • Damsons – Vitamin A, C and K
  • Blackberries – Vitamin C

I’ve got one of these lovely charts from up on my kitchen wall and it’s so useful. It reminds me to use nutritional yeast which is delicious and full of good things. It helps me to get out of the rut of buying the same things every week and sometimes I play a game to try and get a bit of every vitamin and mineral into a meal.

I’m not an affiliate and she hasn’t paid me to advertise. I just really love her charts!

Don’t forget to grab the rays

If there is any hint of sunshine, go and grab that vitamin D! It’s amazing what a few minutes a day will do for your overall well-being.

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