Things to do for free on uninspiring winter weekends

In a nutshell – a few ideas for things to do on a uninspiring winters weekend. None of them involve money, some need no energy at all. I’ve added some to keep kids amused too!

  1. Staying warm:

    1. make a cosy winter corner with a comfortable chair and a warm blanket, settle in by the fire for a good read.
    2. nap with a hot water bottle (or cat!)
    3. draw the curtains to stop the drafts and save money while staying warm
  2. Perfect viewing that isn’t mindless

    1. watch a random TED lecture
    2. watch a free film from the British Film Institute
    3. learn how to speak with received pronunciation by watching clips on British Pathé TV
  3. Pampering

    1. take a bath
    2. make a facemask out of cupboard ingredients
    3. soak your feet in a bucket of hot water
  4. Leaving the house

    1. Go for a walk, even if it’s just around the block, even if it’s raining. It will be great when you get home.
    2. Meet a friend for a chat in the park, take a flask of tea to share
    3. Go bird spotting, look at the trees and spots signs of spring.
  5. Declutter

    1. Can you find just one thing on a shelf you don’t need or love?cold-weather-clothes-declut
    2. Have you got winter clothes that could help homeless people?
    3. Are there scarves, socks, shoes or hats you no longer need?
  6. Eating

    1. Use up what you have in the kitchen and cook something new
    2. Check out a new recipe site for other ideas.
    3. If you have the ingredients and the energy to cook with kids here are some great ideas
  7. Keeping young people entertained

    1. Buy some time by putting on cartoons
    2. Make cornflower slime that is a non-Newtonian fluid
    3. Play the lava game