money saving presents

Presents you can give that will save people money

Presents that save you money are not just for Christmas! I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that will make a big difference to the pocket of the recipient.

money saving presents

All the Amazon links are affiliate ones, so I get a bit of money if you buy after clicking a link. If you are a smaller business and sell anything that would make a good money saving present please let me know.

Reusable water bottle

I have 2 of these Klean Kanteen bottles. One for the car and the other smaller one for my handbag. I’ve had them for a year now and they must have saved me at least £50 – that is based on just buying a couple of the cheapest disposable bottles of water a week! There are many alternatives to one use bottles but these are my favourite.

[amazon_link asins=’B0093IRGZM,B003ZF8D1K,B00EAIUZ9E,B01GFPZGSO’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’lessstuff08-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’3d2619d3-c2d1-11e7-a320-2fb8b5ef0bc2′]

Sandwich wraps

Taking a packed lunch to work, school or college can save you so much money. These little sandwich wraps are easy to use time and time again. They fold down into a napkin to eat off as well and make great presents.

[amazon_link asins=’B00UFSH6S6,B00706IDZ6,B075FXR4DD,B00BHA1KT2′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’lessstuff08-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’668d9e94-c2d1-11e7-a52d-b555d68b9e36′]

Freezer to oven containers

Not the most obvious choice for a present but having something that makes it easy to stick leftovers in the freezer, then reheat them when you need prevents so much food waste! You can make this more of a gift by adding some nice tea towels.

[amazon_link asins=’B01MS1L2ND,B01MG8O8SZ,B01CF7LM7K,B011RD0F7Q’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’lessstuff08-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’dea35971-c2d1-11e7-bf7a-3739a7c15c91′]

Led nightlights

LED bulbs use 85% less electricity than old style lightbulbs. If a watt cost you £1 a year, an old style 100 watt bulb would cost you £100 a year. An energy saving bulb £23 a year and a LED just £6. If you keep lights on all night for any reason it makes good sense to change them to LEDs.

[amazon_link asins=’B01HOMLUGY,B06XQ4G7CY,B00DG6ZPQE,B075GVC4KT’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’lessstuff08-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’c67d078c-c2d3-11e7-8f3c-4165e3fdcfd1′]

Wax food cloths

Use them just like clingfilm to keep food fresh or to wrap food for a picnic. They come in lovely colours too! If you are feeling crafty I’ve a full tutorial that shows you how to make your own alternative to cling film too.

[amazon_link asins=’B00GK3QEKQ,B017MAAD5C,B00TESFSHY,B01MZC0Z93′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’lessstuff08-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’7864da0d-c2d4-11e7-aab6-694f4a9ebdb8′]

If you have any other ideas for presents that can save people money please let me know! I’d love to add to the list.