Cantober – Month of mindful changes week 1

Welcome to Cantober! A gorgeous collaboration with the Frugal Family. Check their site for a different version of the weekly prompts.

Firstly, we have daily tasks. They are not difficult. They are designed to be as easy as possible. We have a little star chart so you can tick them off when you have done them. If you don’t manage them that is fine, you can use the weekend to catch up or you can simply just congratulate yourself on what you did do. Let’s focus on the positives!

You can download this weekly chart to print off here.

The first weekly challenge is for the mind

Can you learn something new?

It could be a new way of cooking something, a new word or a way to say ‘hello’ in a different language. You can look on YouTube for ways to tie scarves, slice apples and arrange flowers. Give it 5 minutes, or half an hour, the important thing is to try something different.

If you are totally stuck for ideas the TED talks site lets you choose a duration of a talk and a topic. I like this one.

Challenge 2 is for your body

This is an easy one. Clean your face! Not a lick and a promise but a proper clean. Get fancy and make a facemask if you want, or have a long soak and use this challenge as an excuse for a nice self pampering session.  We have instructions on how to make Bath Fizzies in the Sustainable Summer Workbook, which is good all year round.

Challenge 3 is to get Social

You can make this super quick or take longer over it. Text someone, send them a postcard, write a letter or pick up the phone. Make contact with another human. 

Challenge 4 is about the Home

Make your bed! A wonderful way to end the day is to slide into sheets that have been smoothed out all ready for you. There is some talk that making your bed every day makes you happier too. If you have more energy then you can turn the mattress or use one of our lovely windy days to air your duvet.

The last challenge for the week is about the Planet.

All you need to do is recycle something. One thing. That can be as easy as putting it into the correct recycling box, or you can think up a way to make something new. I have loads of ideas on 

You could try – patchwork, papier mache or making a rug from old jumpers.