Countdown to Cosy – Frugal Decorations

DIY Decorations

Pinecones, old greeting cards and some glue is all you need to make these little Christmas trees. They look lovely as a group and you can even paint them if you are feeling very crafty.

I’ve given them as an alternative to cards before buy gluing the bottom of the pinecone onto card and writing my message on there.

Think of the timescale

If these trees are made from only pinecones and card they are biodegradable and will break down pretty fast leaving only a little glue. If there are any seeds in the cone you could even try planting it! As soon as you add plastic glitter or tinsel you have something that will not break down. If you are going to keep it forever that is fine, if you are going to throw it away, please bear that in mind.

This is one of the ideas from the Low Waste Christmas Workbook. It’s packed full of ideas that will help you have an ethical and sustainable holiday that literally will not cost the earth.

Join in with the conversation in the less-stuff Facebook group to share your ideas. I’d love to hear how this works for you.

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