Countdown to Cosy – Keep your brain healthy

This is an excerpt from the Low Waste Christmas Workbook. It’s packed full of ideas that will help you have an ethical and sustainable holiday.

“Exercise your brain

You may find that some chores take longer if you have extra people to feed, use extra washing up or laundry time to do some brain exercises to create new ‘grey sludge’ the stuff of thinking!

Current ideas in all things to do with the brain are that even though some of our cells die as we age, we can create completely new brain matter by having new experiences and learning new things.

New pathways can be created by very simple challenges to how our brain usually does things – for example, try brushing your teeth with the ‘wrong’ hand.

This free way to exercise your brain can be done daily and is actually harder than it sounds!”

What else can you do?


This research suggests that meditation can engage new neural pathways, making your mind more flexible.

Learn something new

TED has a really cool browsing interface that lets you choose a topic and a duration of a talk. It throws up some totally fascinating stuff. (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment Design, just to save you a Google).

Use your memory

The Bright Focus Foundation has some surprisingly tricky games on their very informative website which is about their research into Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Be sociable

Socialising works the brain hard because we need to juggle so much information going in and out. I suspect face to face interaction is better for our brains because we have to literally think on our feet. If we are talking online we have breathing space to react and we don’t need to deal with visual social cues. Either way, talking to people is good for you.

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