Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July Week 1 Day 1 #pfjuk

In a nutshell – For the first week of Plastic Free July I’ll be monitoring what I plastic I use daily. From toast made from plastic wrapped bread in the morning to brushing my teeth with toothpaste from a plastic tube before bedtime, I’m going to start taking notice of the things I take for granted and I’m going to think hard about what changes can be made.

Plastic Free July

On a budget

This will be a Plastic Free July on a budget. I cannot nip down to the nearest organic shop and buy loose pasta there because it is 4 times the price of the plastic wrapped pasta in Lidl. I can make my own pasta though, or even better, subcontract the job out to my teenager! I’m going to be looking for alternatives to plastic that don’t break the bank, if I’m very lucky they might save me money.

With limited time

I’m also short on time. I cannot spread my shopping trip over 4 different places to source plastic free alternatives, I need to hit and run one or two shops and get it done as quickly as possible.

Anything is better than nothing

The more frugal and quick ways I can find to stop using so much plastic the better, I’m expecting the challenge to be quite difficult though and if I can only find a couple of changes to make that will be a good start.

Current Plastic Usage

Plastic plastic everywhere! That is what it feels like now I’m noticing it. I’ve got a very minimal skin care routine but the almond oil I use to clean my face is in a plastic bottle. The moisturiser is in a plastic tub. When I clean the bath it is from a single use plastic spray bottle. I have been trying to avoid plastic that cannot be recycled when it comes to groceries. I’ve already pretty much given up the black plastic packaged sausages and biscuits but leafy veg tends to come in thin cellopane that has to be put in the bin. Oranges come in plastic nets. On a good week my entire non recyclable plastic rubbish collection can be held easily in one hand. I’d like it to be even smaller. On a bad week, when I’m tired and forget that fishcakes come in black plastic packaging or my son brings home some random thing that looked useful but turns out to be crap, I’ll use a plastic bag to put it all into the bin. Monday is recycling and bin collection day and I’m hoping that by the end of the month there will be less for the bin men to take away.

What I do already to reduce plastic

So, it is almost 10am, I have brushed my teeth with a plastic toothbrush, using toothpaste from a plastic tube. I used shampoo and conditioner out of plastic bottles that are not designed to be refilled. My bread was in the fridge in a plastic bag (my big cat has a thing for bread, it has to be locked away!). I had marmalade from a jam jar with a plastic lid.

I’m off to the local Repair Cafe to make Morsbags now and to have a good think about what I can change.